(English) The Benefits Of Collagen: Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Longer

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What is collagen ?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Its fiber-like structure is used to make connective tissue . Our bodies gradually make less collagen as we age, but collagen production drops most quickly due to excess sun exposure, smoking, excess alcohol, and lack of sleep and exercise. With aging, collagen in the deep skin layers changes from a tightly organized network of fibers to an unorganized maze.

Benefits for skin :

  • Collagen gives skin its strength and firmness.
  • Improve skin elasticity.
  • Improve skin hydration.
  • Improve blood flow.
  • Heal wounds and prevent scars.
  • Prevent and reduce stretch marks.
  • Reduce visible cellulite.
  • Reduce dark spots .
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 So in summary, Collagen is responsible for strength and elastin for elasticity to the skin. Production and density of both decreases as we age, which gives the sagging and wrinkling appearance in skin. Ensuring enough collagen is present in the diet to help improve skin health.

Keratin is most abundantly found in hair thus deficiency of it may affect hair growth and health. The main amino acid which is present in keratin is proline and this particular proline is readily available or found in collagen.

 The benefits of collagen don’t stop with the skin, adding collagen to your hair care routine can be extremely beneficial as well :

Benefits for hair :

  • It reduce the appearance of gray hair.
  • Split Ends and Breakage.
  • Increase the body’s hair building  proteins, which can result in longer, thicker hair.
  • Provides Amino Acids That Can Be Used to Build Hair.
  • Helps Fight Damage to Hair Follicles.
  • May Prevent Hair Thinning Associated With Aging.
  • Easy to Add to Your Routine.

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By about age 30 or 35, many people will notice that their skin is showing visible signs of aging since collagen production has slowed. However, by using our range of collagen on your face on a regular basis, you can slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking younger longer. There is no reason to accept accelerated, premature aging when products like collagen serum exist.

For optimal effectiveness and a complete treatment of the skin, we recommend using the three products that make up our range daily:

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Don’t give up on that youthful, radiant glow just yet. With the range of collagen Gift Morocco offers, you can find a serum, cream and soap that suits your needs.

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