Saffron médicinal plant

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Saffron médicinal plant:

Capacity:  100g.
The roots of saffron remain in the ground for five to seven years and can tolerate cold temperatures down to minus 18 degrees. The flowers bloom every year between 15 and 25 days in the fall, because the flower must be picked in the three or four days following its opening, before sunrise because of its sensitivity to heat. To obtain one gram of dried saffron, it takes about 150 flowers to pick.

* Its ability to stimulate the stomach, reduce appetite, limit hemorrhoids, limit intestinal fermentation, help in the treatment of amenorrhea, or even stimulate menstruation.

* It helps in particular to promote sleep and fight against insomnia.

* Use a small amount. In large qualities, saffron will produce a bitter flavor. It’s best to prepare and use very small amounts in your dishes.

* Use saffron in grain-based recipes. Most traditional recipes calling for saffron are grain-based, including risotto, pilaf, and paella.

* Add saffron to desserts. Since saffron has a flavor profile similar to vanilla, it works well in many desserts that typically feature vanilla as the primary flavor. This includes custard, plain pastry, and sweet breads.

* Saffron derives from carotenoids, including zeaxanthin, lycopene, as well as α- and β-carotenes.

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